Episode 15

Published on:

22nd Jan 2024

Self-Insurance and Captive Insurance in Manufacturing with Jarid Beck

In this episode of The Manufacturers Network Podcast, host Lisa Ryan welcomes Jarid Beck, Risk Management Advisors's managing director and co-founder. Jarid offers valuable insights into risk management and insurance strategies in manufacturing, particularly focusing on self-insurance and captives for reducing the costs of providing group health benefits.

Jarid Beck begins by sharing his career journey, transitioning from financial planning to focusing on captive insurance companies due to their multifaceted benefits for business owners. He provides a comprehensive explanation of captives, highlighting how they are beneficial for manufacturers in managing risks by providing personalized, cost-effective insurance options tailored to specific business needs.

The conversation delves into the concept of self-insurance and its distinction from traditional insurance models. Jarid emphasizes the financial efficiency and flexibility of captive insurance compared to traditional insurance, shedding light on how it empowers businesses to take control of their insurance expenses and stabilize cash flow.

Additionally, the discussion touches on the challenges manufacturers face when implementing self-insurance and captive insurance strategies, particularly the need for early education and effective communication with stakeholders.

**Key Lessons Learned:**

- Captive insurance companies offer personalized, cost-effective insurance solutions tailored to specific business needs.

- Self-insurance, when approached formally through captives, provides financial efficiency and allows businesses to retain profits and stabilize cash flow.

- Effective education and communication are essential when implementing self-insurance and captive insurance strategies.

**Ideas for Manufacturers to Implement:**

- Explore off-cycle self-insurance and captive insurance strategies to educate and prepare for potential transitions.

- Assemble a team of knowledgeable advisors to guide the exploration and implementation of self-insurance and captive insurance options.

**Fun Facts:**

Did you know that captive insurance companies provide manufacturers with more control over their insurance expenses, potentially leading to cost savings and a stabilized cash flow?

If you want to learn more about self-insurance and captive insurance in manufacturing, connect with Jarid Beck and his team at Risk Management Advisors through their website at www.riskmgmtadvisors.com or explore their informative content on their YouTube channel and LinkedIn.

Join us in the next episode for more insightful discussions on navigating the world of manufacturing.

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